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IT-based Methods for the Design of Scheduling and Construction

Planning and construction processes in civil engineering have to be prepared individually for every project. The project “IT for Construction Processes” addresses the design of planning and construction processes.  This sub domain of project management has very little IT-support at present. Currently available software tools are only used to document the scheduling information. The development of the process is not supported by logic and is based on the practical experience of the concerned parties only. Specified processes are not the result of a computation and therefore need to be checked by inspection to ensure completeness and correctness. Effects of subsequent changes have to be determined manually. Required adjustments have to be incorporated and verified laboriously.

In the project „IT for Construction Processes: IT-based Methods for the Design of Planning and Construction Processes” modern information and communication technologies are implemented to control processes with several thousand tasks and to provide the results to the concerned parties in distributed environments. The design of processes is supported on the basis of a novel methodology. An integral constituent part of this methodology is the change management. In the project effects of changes are derived methodically, so that reliable information of these effects can be timely and methodically assured at ones disposal. 

Three companies from Berlin are involved in this project, Becher + Rottkamp Generalplanung GmbH, SMV Bauprojektsteuerung Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and WeltWeitBau Ingenieurgesellschaft für angewandte Bauinformatik mbH.The academic treatment of this project is realized by the Technische Universität Berlin through the school of Computation in Civil Engineering and Construction Management of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Project finaced by TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin - Zukunftsfonds Berlin
Co-financed by the European Union - European fund for regional development


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